05 December 2011

X-Men:First Class

Imagine being able to connect to anyone’s mind in the world, to control and manipulate metal with just a thought, to change your appearance for any occasion. These are only a few of the gifts that was given the character we all know, love ,and hate in the selling blockbuster “The X-Men”. Three movies that captivated us only to leave us with the questions how did Professor X and Magneto begins? In “X-Men: First Class”, tells the story of how Charles Xavier and Erik Lensherr (later known as Magneto) began to not only discover their gifts but develop a friendship that will be seen throughout the series. Recruited by the army to hunt down a mutant only to be betrayed due to their powers being a threat to the public, the two friends must decide where their loyalty to lies whether it be protecting the humans or rising up with other mutant for domination. Thus the rivalry begins between the two old friends one chooses the life to help and educate young mutants and one chooses to recruit mutants for his army.

When it comes to the X-men movies immediately you think of intense battle scenes. This was no difference for the movie was action packed. Especially the final battle scene, filled navy ships, jet planes, guns blazing, hand to hand combat, meanwhile hard core music is playing in the background. After the villain is captured and destroyed things take a turn for the worse. The shots for his scene were perfect, the panning, zooming ins and outs, and the close ups of each individual battle. Suddenly the humans decide that all mutants are a safety risk after Xavier and Erik help bring down a dangerous mutant. The army than turns all missiles towards the small island they are on, confused and hurt by the human’s betrayal of them, Erik than manipulates the missiles to turn collision towards the humans. The camera does a great zooming out on the main characters talking on the small island to drastically showing the ocean navy ships and missiles about to be launched. Truly showing the characters crucial situation and the decision whether to save themselves and not strike back or take vengeance and attack back full force. This is the scene that separates two great friends and all the other mutants on the island which side they will stand on. Xavier than uses his powers along with some of his friends to stop Erik’s scheme of destroying the mutants. This very scene cost Xavier to lose power of walking.

What would an X-Men movie be without the latest gadgets and elaborate hide outs? The directors for this film were very detailed in the props they had their characters use whether it was a helmet, jumpsuit, gun, or a location itself. The mise en scene for the movie fit perfectly from the dark navy jumpsuit that had a yellow vest over top that the team wore (designed specifically for each mutant’s powers). These jump suits showed uniform banning all the young mutants were in fact a team, later the designed will be used for jumpsuits used in the previous movies. Another prop used was the metal helmet used by the villain, this head gear protected from telepaths that might sway him. This is also a prop that disguises who the villain is in the film. The ironically Erik being tired of taking orders and having Xavier sway his mind picks up the prop using it for himself at the end. This becomes his signature outfit that shows the audience he is indeed the key villain. Another great prop or location is Xavier’s mansion located Westchester County, New York. This is the place where Erik, Xavier, Raven, and the rest of the mutants practice/control their powers in a safe environment. A place hidden away by the forest, filled with tons of room’s with secret entrances and escapes. This home later becomes the very Academy Professor X uses to train and instruct young mutants in the X-Men series.

Overall all I thought this was a great film to watch due to its mise en scene and battle scenes.I was impressed due to the fact it was the fourth movie made by the franchise and yet it was just as good as the previous ones. The director did a fantastic job working with the cinematographers, editors, actors/actresses, and set design which was easily shown. The way the props were used to usher in new characters was fantastic. Anyone who is a fan of X-Men series I highly recommend this film. Especially if you want knowledge about the origin of the whole series: characters, powers, ideas for tracking mutants, and establishment of Professor X’s academy. All the questions are finally answered in ways you would never believe.

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