12 December 2011


Macintosh HD:Users:johnshumbusho:Desktop:unstoppable_ver6.jpg Starring actors Denzel Washington and Chris Pine, Unstoppable is 2010 action-thriller filled with suspense and amazing editing. The story is about a railroad engineer Frank Barnes (Denzel Washington), who is training a new hired conductor Will Colson (Chris Pine) and how the two men become hero’s by saving a town from an incident with an unstoppable train #777, as they try to stop it from going destroy-a-whole-town miles per hour.

It is somewhat to describe this movie in words simply because the editing in it is amazing. We see the train blowing past people, destroying things, blowing up cars into flames, and we learn that train #777 is in destructive. The only thing they have to do is stop this unstoppable machine.

I think one of my favourite scenes is when everyone has tried to do all they can to stop train #777. Helicopters are called in, firemen, police, train #1206 latched to train #777 to try and slow it down, and we see the yardmaster, Connie Hooper (Rosario Dawson) giving up and completely trusting Frank and Will to do all they can to stop the train. By this point train #777 is the “bad-guy”, in most action films the bad guy needs to be destroyed.

Macintosh HD:Users:johnshumbusho:Desktop:101118unstoppable3.jpg However, in this movie, the train needs to be stopped. The editing in the film suggests that train #777 is a monster. We see the train being filmed in such angles such as face front as though the train was going to speed right through the screen. Or sometimes, the train would speed right over the camera, as if it smashed and destroyed whatever lay under it. Also, one other interesting angle was a side shot of the train as it sped past. Suggesting that it would destroy anything that was trying to stop it. The editing in this film definitely created a character for train #777.

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