11 December 2011

Transformers Dark of the Moon

"Transformers, Dark of the Moon," starring Shia LaBeouf was a thrilling yet exciting movie filled with loads of special effects that kept you at the edge of your seat. Special effects were a key focal point in various shots. The plot of the movie was not as captivating as the spectacular effects seen throughout the movie. I believe that without the special effects the movie would have been boring. The plot of the movie was centered around Sam Witwicky and his hot girlfriend. In the movie, Sam has just graduated from college and is looking to find a job. Being that Sam has saved the world twice already he is looking for an important job rather than a low paying job. The movie takes you through his journey to find a job, while also explaining, and showing viewers the evil plan of the decepticons to try and take over humanity as the autobots fight back. Being that Sam is close friends with the autobots he knows a great deal of inside information pertaining to them, therefore the decepticons are after him and his girlfriend. As a result, the movie also shows their fight to survive.

"Our visual experience is not just naturalistic; it is also fantastical, composed of pictures from our dreams and imaginations. These kinds of images can be re-created in film through special effects" (Film Experience, p. 120). "Transformers Dark of the Moon" was driven by a spectacular amount of visual effects that shaped the movie. Without the special effects such as the transforming of the transformers and the explosions, the movie would not have been as interesting.

I have watched the first and second "Transformers" and unlike the other two this one in particular has a lot more transformers within it. In this movie, there were more decepticons and autobots introduced to viewers that were not in previous movies. Therefore viewers were able to experience a greater amount of special effects in this movie. Viewers were able to experience more decepticons and autobots fighting, while also watching each one transform into massive robots. Being that "Transformers Dark of the Moon" is the conclusion to the transformer movies, the decepticons and autobots were continuously transforming and fighting against one another which made for over the top graphics throughout the movie. Each transformer would transform into a huge structure unlike anything we have ever seen. It was captivating to watch massive robots fight against each other; and although un-real, each transformer was created in a way which made their facial structures look somewhat human. Therefore, it looked as though giant humans/robots were fighting against each other.

Explosives also contributed to the use of special effects in the movie as well. As stated earlier, being that this was the conclusion of "Transformers" it was was seen as the final battle amongst the decepticons and the autobots. Therefore, there were massive amounts of destruction seen within various cities due to objects and people exploding caused by the decepticons and autobots. The use of flames, smoke, debris, and ashes, were captured on film through the use of special effects, which gave the movie a realistic yet captivating feel. There were exploding cars, buildings, people, and transformers. As a viewer I did not know what to look at on screen being that there were so many explosions happening at once during one single shot.

Overall, I thought the movie was okay. I was hoping for a deeper and more intriguing story line along with special effects driving the film forward rather than just the special effects.

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