11 December 2011

Soul Surfer- Editing and Green Screen Technology

Bethany Hamilton is a young surfer aspiring to be a professional surfer. One day when she went out to practice surfing with some family friends something tragic happened. There were all just sitting around talking when all of a sudden a shark comes and attacks Bethany, taking her arm. She remained calm throughout the entire experience, but her determination to become a professionals surfer, seemed almost hopeless. She realizes though, that she loves surfing more than anything. As Bethany learns what is most important in life and what she needs to do, her journey to becoming a pro-surfer starts. Soul Surfer is based off of a true story that has inspired many all around the world. To make this inspiring story into a movie a few things stood in the way. The editing and use of Green Screen Technology in this movie, made it possible.

To make this movie show the reality of what happened the day that Bethany Hamilton lost her arm to a shark, a few things had to be thought out. One thing that had to be addressed was how to make AnnaSophia Robb's, the actress playing Bethany Hamilton, arm disappear without actually cutting it off. Years ago, green screen technology came out allowing things in movies to disappear or appear as if it was all supposed to. What they had to do in this particular case was take a piece of green screen material and wrap it tightly (not enough to cut off the blood circulation) around her arm and add an extra layer of fake skin around the area where her arm is cut off to make it look even more realistic. Another thing that had to be addressed was the surfing. AnnaSophia Robb, spent time learning how to surf, but by the time filming came around, she was not as good as the real Bethany Hamilton, so they used different camera tricks and different cuts to make it all seem like the actress was doing everything.

Overall, this was a good movie and well edited. AnnaSophia did a terrific job at making it seem like she really did not have an arm. She was able to pull off her limited surfing skills to make it seem like she was doing it for a long time. The use of the green screen technology was probably my favorite part for my watching experience, trying to figure out how the editors got AnnaSophia's arm to disappear. I loved everything about this movie and I especially loved the editing.

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