12 December 2011

The Muppets Movie (2011)

The muppets movie is one of the cutest and heart-warming tales of the year. The story is about a muppet named Walter who is the biggest muppet fanatic in the world. His brother Gary (Jason Segal) and his girlfriend Mary (Amy Adams) decide to take him to see the muppets studio in Hollywood, CA and to maybe even meet Kermit the Frog himself. But upon arriving at the studio they find it run down and in ruin and there are no muppets to be seen. While exploring the studio, Walter ends up hearing about a plan for a oil tycoon to buy out the theater/studio and tare it down to dig for oil. Walter then finds Kermit and they round up the entire gang to put on a t.v. phoneathon to try and raise enough money to save the studio and save the muppet name.

This movie is made by the Disney company so it is obviously more than likely a musical. From the start of the movie until the very ending part of the credits, music is one of the most important parts of this film. The musical numbers are used to help the characters express their feelings at that moment in time. For example, at the beginning of the movie Walter and Gary sing a song expressing how their lives are perfect and that they have a lot of good things coming ahead of them. Instead of just stating this and moving on with the movie, they sing and make it a huge theatrical part showing that this means a lot to the characters.

The music also is a way that the movie keeps the viewers attention. While normal movies use violent scenes or romantic scenes to use as pivotal points in the movie, this musical uses the dance numbers and songs as the key points for viewers to pay attention to. Since the characters sing out their feelings, the music numbers are important for the viewer to watch so that they understand exactly how the characters are feeling.

All in all The Muppet Movie was an incredibly touching tale, and a great joy to people young and old. I highly recommend that everyone see this heart-warming tale of a little muppet that saved the entire muppet world.

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