04 December 2011

Inside Man (2006)

Inside man has a crime core, tells a story of a brilliant bank robbery. Dolten Russel has planned this crime to perfection; he is robbing the bank for obvious reasons, to get rich. However, what makes this film interesting is the other layer that goes deeper than money. Detective Keith Frasier tries to solve the mind of this criminal and interview the hostages through out the film. There is not a shred of evidence that point to anyone and the bank robbers get away with the secrets of the bank as well as a loot of money. The film ends with the detective finding a diamond in his pocket, eureka moment and the bank robber free.

The beginning of the film uses the 30-degree rule with Dolten Russel, uses the imagery of the city’s roads and theme parks, serious historic statues as well as parks and bridges. With an Indian theme song at the beginning while the credits of the film continue.

The bank mise-en-scene has detail with the people around the bank giving them all personalities, or attitudes briefly explaining their lives. It is a silent bank and the criminals come in non-violently. This makes the film unpredictably different until he tells everybody to get down and throw the gas. He is very specific and all his workers have strict instructions.

The detective Keith Frasier, introduced as a unmarried male; he is talking to his girlfriend. We know about his home situation first, this makes him more relatable. Once he is on the crime scene, he makes his name known to the people in charge.

Eyeline match editing is used in the crowds of people highlighting the policemen set up. The reverse shot/180-degree rule is also executed when the bank owner Mr. Case finds out about the robbery except the camera does not use the secretaries face, only the bank owners.

The hostage interviews and the bank owners meeting with the lady was in and out of the robbery, disjunctive editing style was used. Point-of-view shots were used to show the police activities. This made the movie flow well. You knew what was going on the entire time on the outside but this unique non-Hollywood style of editing made this story come together in action.

The scene that really got to me in this film was when the kid was playing a violent video game, and Dolten Russel is indirectly unsupportive of this game and kind to the boy. I believe Spike Lee was sending a message across here about African American children today about what they listen to and what entertains them, sending a message to parents that not even a bank robber would back this type of behavior up. This bank robber stands out, he is not doing all this just for the money he has a hidden agenda to this out right crime. He is finding justice in his crime for the past actions of Mr. Case.

He takes the envelope in his safety deposit box but you don’t see him take it; the stuff in the safety deposit box was the documents to prove that the bank was built on blood money from World War II.

Detective Keith Frasier figured out the entire equation after the investigation ended. When he found the diamond in his pocket, he knew exactly what had happened and the entire film was a solved equation.

This film is one of the best crime films I have ever seen because of its twists and turns that Spike uses, I find his authenticity to be unique and effective in getting the peoples attention. I had heard negative things about him before this movie and he really came out on top with this film. The Inside Man is a true jewel.

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