12 December 2011

Friends With Benefits

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Starring Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake, ‘Friends with Benefits’ is a 2011 romantic comedy that was phenomenal, in my opinion. The movie is based on two friends, Jamie, an executive recruiter for a job agency in Manhattan New York, and Dylan, an art director from Los Angeles. The two hit it off form day one. Jamie gets Dylan the job he was not sure if he wanted or not, turns out to be one of the best jobs he’s had. And, since, Dylan knows no one in New York, Jamie as a New Yorker shows him around, and introduces him to some new places, and people. They become the best of friends. Jamie has an outstanding personality that Dylan just cannot seem to get enough of. One thing they share in common is that they both just recently got dumped by their significant other, and are not looking for any “emotional relationship” to protect their broken hearts.

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With that, Jamie and Dylan decide that since they get along so well, they’re both single, and they understand each other; they could just be friends with benefits. “No relationship. No emotions. Just sex.” Eventually, with their “amazing sexual encounters” before either of them even realizes it, they fall for each other. The conflict comes when it becomes hard to declare their love for one another because that was never part of the original plan.
I think what stood out to me the most about this modern film is the classification of its genre.  Friends With Benefits is truly a romantic comedy. It has a light-hearted humorous plot line, and the main characters end up falling in love by chance in a very comical way, almost as if it was by accident. Also, I find it interesting that even though the audience is most probably aware of the outcome of the story, the events in between are ones the audience wants to know about. Which I think is the main point of this romantic comedy, and what actually makes it funny. Even though this movie can be classified as a chic-flick, however, I would say that it is a little bit more than a chic-flick simply because it also includes Dylan’s point of view on his feeling for Jamie. It is not a “mushy” movie that most males usually do not enjoy watching.
Overall, I would definitely recommend this movie as a “must-watch” for 2011.

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