11 December 2011

Fast Five

Fast Five is the latest movie in the fast and furious movie series. This movie has the some core actors of Vin Diesel and Paul Walker. This movie is a bit different from the rest of the series. This one had little to do with racing and winning the big race, but it was about a heist. This film was located in Brazil; the point of the movie was to steal this corrupt guys money. Also they were being hunted down by a U.S. strike force led by the toughest Fed (Dwayne Johnson). In a fast and furious movie there is going to be a lot of action and a lot of things blowing up and keeping your mind on other besides the poor acting quality.

This movie series is known for ridiculous action sequences and I believe this movie took it to another level. When Paul and Vin are doing the heist they break into a police station, and steal Hernan Reyes’s whole vault. This starts what is one of the most exciting action sequences I can remember in a movie. They are driving pulling a huge vault, destroying buildings, cars, and the road. I like the twist the director Justin Lin put on the movie. Most people who watch the whole fast and furious serious thinks that they are just going to outdrive the police and keep the money and continue with their lives. Justin Lin did not do this, he added some unique twists. They end up switching the safe, and when they get “caught” at the end you think they did all this planning and execution for nothing. When they switched the safe, they knew all they had to do was get away. I thought that scene really added to the movie, and made it different from the rest of the series.

I think mise-en scene was the biggest thing I pick up on throughout the movie. In the fast and crazy action scenes, I saw a lot of attention to detail. When they are driving through Rio, the people’s reactions and the way they looked made it seem realistic. Also, when they were in the train every person seemed like they had a role to play in the train, even though it was not critical it made a huge impact on how focused they were on the little things.

Overall, I think Fast Five is a movie you should watch if you like action, cars and letting your mind go for two hours. I don’t believe you need to see the other four movies, there is some background information, but not critical for you to watch the movie. There is a lot of action in this movie, but there is a lot of emotional scenes that balance out the action. Since four people in the movie are related, it has a feel of more than a run and gun type of movie. The characters have developed drastically since the last time we saw them. Overall, I think this movie is worthwhile, but not a movie you can continues watch and love. This was an appropriate way for the series to go out with a bang. It kept my attention, and had some twists in the plot I never saw coming. I think this is a one and done movie for the average movie watcher.

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