12 December 2011

Bad Teacher

Bad Teacher was probably the funniest movie I have seen in a while. It gave me a great laugh. This comedy was about a gold digger Elizabeth Halsey (Cameron Diaz) returning back to middle school after her rich fiancé leaves her. Elizabeth's main reason for returning as a teacher is because she wants to get breast implants. Might I note that she is a horrible teacher who doesn’t teach but instead shows movies every single day while she sleeps. It is not until she hears that a bonus will be awarded to the teacher whose class has the highest scores on the state exam, when she starts to stop sleeping in class and begin teaching the students.

Since this movie is a comedy I chose to focus on the costumes of Cameron Diaz and how she stood out compared to the other faculty members. The movie begins with the faculty in the teacher's lounge giving a toast to their colleague Elizabeth, because she is leaving after a short year of teaching. We first see her in a bright yellow dress which could represent her as a joyful, happy, teacher. Elizabeth is quite the opposite though as we find out as the movie goes on. The next year Elizabeth ends up back at the middle school teaching because her fiancé leaves her, after he realizes (or his mother realizes) that she doesn’t love him, she only loves his money. On her first day we see her wearing all black, my guess is because she just got dumped. As the movie goes on I began to realize she really does not belong there. She doesn’t seem to care much about the students, the school, nor the education system. Her character is really self absorbed as her goals consist of getting implants and finding a man who can take care of her. The clothes she wears really expresses her feelings towards teaching and life.

Around the first weekend of school, Elizabeth insists on hosting the car wash as a fundraiser the school does every year. She shows up wearing dazy duke’s (really short shorts) and a plaid shirt that is folded up revealing her stomach. There are kids at this event, but she hears that they make a lot of money and decides she wants in. To make this a success she wears this skimpy outfit.

Everyone knows that this attire is not proper for a teacher, and this shows that she really stands out among the rest of the staff. Teachers are also supposed to be role models and it definitely shows here that she is not a role model. Her character is not your average loving and caring teacher. She doesn’t bother to get to know anyone or have conversations with other faculty members nor does she know her students names. Elizabeth also wears high heels every day, something you wear when you are going out to a social event. As the movie progresses Elizabeth continues to stand out asshe comes to class wearing a tight blackdress with red lipstick, as if she were going to a party. Her outfits scream “I don’t care about this school and I don’t care about teaching these kids”. The next day she wears a white button up shirt and that seems normal, right? Until I noticed we could see her black bra through the shirt. She would even wear jeans sometimes. Her attire is ridiculous for working at a middle school but that is what adds to the comedy. She simply doesn't give a shit.

I began to notice that when Elizabeth hears about the bonus that will be awarded to the teacher whose class scores the highest on the exam, she comes in the next day with a different look and attitude. Her clothes are not all black anymore. She wears a black sweater here and there but mainly grey, red, yellow, blue and white button up shirts for the remainder of the movie. I took this as a symbol of her being livelier. When we see her wearing black all the time, it looks as if it’s meant to be sexy but also could represent her carelessness for their world, the world of teachers. When she hears there will be something in it for her, she definitely chippers up and becomes more determined to teach her students. Even if it is for the wrong reasons, her mood still changes as her outfits. The most effective use of making her stand out was the bright red lipstick she wore in a few scenes, compared to the rest of the faculty at the school who were awkward and strange.

Overall this movie was just meant for a great laugh with its raunchy humor. It served its purpose for me and I noticed the attire that made Cameron Diaz’s character stand out a lot and it made me laugh. Of course none of these events would every happen in reality, but it’s a movie it is not meant to depict real life. If there is one thing I can learn from this movie it’s that there’s no shame in settling for the not so wealthy gym teacher!

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