12 December 2011


50/50 is a film that was based on a true story about a young man named Adam and his best friend Kyle. Adam had been experiencing a lot of back pains, so he decided one day to go to the doctor's about it. Sadly, Adam finds out that he has a rare form of cancer that is located in his lower back, and will have to undergo chemotherapy. When we hear the word cancer, we immediately think sad thoughts, but throughout this movie, you will find yourself feeling sympathy for Adam but cracking up at the same time as you are taken through Adams journey of chemotherpay, and the ups and downs that they both face together.

What's interesting about this film is the fact that Adams hair is a significant prop in the film. Adam shaves his head before he loses all his hair from chemotherapy and throughout the film, you find that situations are arising because of his bald head. He uses his baldness and the fact that he has cancer to try and win dates with girls due to the fact that he knows they will feel bad for him.

Not only did this film make you want to cry but it filtered that part out by having you laugh pretty hard at times as well. This movie was a touching story and it was a real eye opener to what a solid and faithful friendship is all about.

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