22 October 2011

The Matrix

The movie I decided to do was the matrix. This movie tells the story about Neo and his knowledge of the matrix and the power that everyone believes he should have. Everyone believes Neo is “the one” or the person that will bring order into the matrix. Neo doesn’t believe who he is or what he can accomplishes in the beginning of the movie. The movie is about different realities and I believe finding who you are and who you can be in such a chaotic world. I believe there are a lot of symbolic meanings that you can compare like Jesus. When Neo goes into the building to rescue Morpheus, I think that is like Jesus willing to die for each of us. Neo had little regard for himself during that rescue mission, he was just worried about one think and that was saving Morpheus. Christ had little regard for his personally safety or his wellbeing in the last days of his life. The Matrix had a lot of twist and turns and you as the audience member is learning all about the matrix with Neo. This makes the audience pull for Neo and also learn with him. Editing is the key to the movie. This movie required a lot of editing, and without a great editor this movie would have fallen flat on its face.

The first element of editing was “bullet time”. “This is taken by a set of still cameras surrounding a subject are put together to create an effect of suspension or extreme slow motion (121). This is very evident when Neo is trying to rescue Morpheus. This scene is one of the most critical to the success of the movie. A lot of things are happening in as far as character development and action. When the audience sees bullet time they are drawn into the action the suspense and the drama of the scene. I think one of the best uses of bullet time is where Neo is shooting from the helicopter and the bullets are falling from the sky. Then you hear the bullets hissing and tingling as they hit the ground. Bullet time makes the matrix a revolutionary movie when it was made in 1999. When you see bullet time it makes you feel as if this is reality. You feel like Neo can makes all the police members miss with their guns. Without bullet time in the matrix I don’t think it would have been such a highly regarded movie.

In the matrix you could really see Hollywood continuity editing, everything flowed together. The story did have places in the beginning where it made your mind think, but that was going along with the story. The movie had a good flow; everything made was there for a reason. As an audience member it was hard to see the cuts, with the invisible editing. I also saw the 180-degree rule in affect a lot during the movie. When Neo and Morpheus were fighting, it was always one on one side of the screen and the other on the other side. Personally, I think this rule was used and I don’t think ever broken throughout the film. The duration of the shots seemed to be used very effectively and efficiently thorough the movie. There was not a scene that was too long or that did not have an importance to the movie. The pace was also very good. They did a great job of action, to keep the audience involved and thinking, but also they did enough to teach you about the matrix and what exactly that was.

Neo ends up believing in himself and does find out he is the one. He has to learn that through many difficult times, whether it be fighting an agent or trying to escape the matrix. He learns through trails like we do as Christians. The matrix is a must see film that still makes peoples head turn when they watch the film. This was all done through various different forms of editing. The editors of the movie did a fantastic job of making everything flow and form.

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