22 October 2011


The movie Jaws made in 1975 by Steven Spielberg, is nothing less than a nail biting thriller that will keep you locked in on the screen wondering who the next victim of the shark attack will be. This movie takes you on an adventure with three men Quint, Brodie and Matt who set out to capture this Great White Shark, and rid Amity Island from it's fear of this massive beast.

There's a whole lot of editing throughout this film that is used. Just by looking at the shark, you can tell the makers of this film worked a good amount with editing to make this movie seem extremely realistic. Most of us, from watching this movie know that there is no way that shark can be real, in fact it isn't real. But the way they edit the shark into the film, works really well and it makes it look very life like.

A scene in the movie where the editing really caught my attention was a scene of nice sunny day where everybody was just relaxing on the beach, swimming in the water and just having a great time. It is somewhat of a pretty long take, perhaps to keep you with that high anxiety and anticipation of wondering if the shark is going to make an appearance. It starts out with the camera showing a shot of everybody that is on the beach, then immediately switches to the camera being in the water. The camera would bob up and down in the water, making it feel like the viewer was sort of like the shark in a way, scoping out its prey. The camera, still above and under water, would move around and look at different people, still making the viewer think that a shark attack is going to happen any time soon, but as the camera pans back out, we find out there is no shark after all, just a little not so funny trick some kids are playing on the people of Amity Island.

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