23 October 2011

Inside Man~Directed by Spike Lee

The inside man is an invigorating movie that captures what seems to be the perfect bank robbery. As it usually is, Manhattan bank was open and full of customers. One day a man in a painters uniform and three of his companions lock the bank down and tells everyone to get on the floor. After getting everyone in one room together, the bank robbers, who use variations of the name Steve to talk to each other, have everyone change into dark blue jump suits with white masks making everyone look the same. The only way to tell apart the bank robbers from the hostages were the guns. A police officer on the street saw something was wrong with the bank and one of the robbers pointed a gun to his head saying that no one can come near the building. Detective Frazer is notified about the situation and put in charge of negotiation for the bank robbery. As Detective Frazer tries to talk to the robber in charge, many tricks and mysterious people come into play. As the police were about to barge into the bank, all the hostages run out of the building and because they all looked the same, were all taken to be interrogated.

This movie was not the typical Hollywood movie. The editing did not follow what a normal Hollywood movie would look like, making it unique and interesting to watch. It started out with the robber in charge of the bank robbery, whose name is Dalton Russell, talking about what just happened. As the movie goes on you see alternating shots of New York, the things that went on, and of the interrogation of the people in the bank robbery. The shots of the bank robbery were edited in a different way so that you could tell that they were not part of the story, but the ones telling it. A set of dark lighting and high contrast was most likely added after the filming to make it seem dark and ominous.

There were a lot of smooth camera movements and cuts that made it easy to follow what they wanted us to see and understand what is supposed to be seen. There was one particular scene that I thought was particularly intriguing to see. After an hour and twenty-five minutes into the film, a man is shot and Detective Frazer comes towards the bank angry at Dalton Russell for killing the hostage. I am not completely sure how exactly the scene was shot; I have a few ideas, though. One thing they could have done was have Denzel Washington on a platform that is connected to the camera and move the platform and camera at the same time and sped up time after the filming. Another thing they could have done was have him walk over the bank and sped up time after the filming.

Overall, the movie was very well edited making it easy to follow through the different shots in the movie. The editing, acting, and music were all very complimentary to one another.

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