15 October 2011

The Graduate

1967 The Graduate is a comedy, drama and romance about a college graduate named Benjamin. His parents throw him a graduation party and one of the guests that attends is Mrs. Robinson. Towards the end of the party, she finds Benjamin in his room and asks him if he can drive her home because her husband can't. They get to her house and surprisingly Mrs. Robinson is coming on to Benjamin and he is quite freaked out by it. Surprisingly Benjamin goes against his best judgment and starts having an affair with Mrs. Robinson, but we later find out that Benjamin really starts to fall in love with Mrs. Robinson's daughter Elaine, and Mrs. Robinson is not happy about this at all.

The Cinematography in this movie that really caught my attention was the use of the camera angles. Long shots, close ups and low angle shots were used quite often. The opening scene of The Graduate starts out as a close up on Benjamin and when you look at his face, you kind of wonder what he's thinking about or where he is, but then the camera moves back to show Benjamin in a plane with a bunch of other passengers. In another scene Benjamin was in a scuba diving suit, and the low angle shot was used quite effectively. He jumped into the pool and from a low angle shot, it showed Benjamin looking up through the scuba diving mask up at his parents. I really liked how they filmed this shot because it gave the audience a chance to see from Benjamins point of view and it felt like we were him for a second. Lastly in the scene during a wedding, it showed Benjamin from a long shot in the church screaming for Elaine and interrupting the wedding, and then it switched to close ups of Elaines parents which gave you the effect of the anger they had towards Benjamin.

The Graduate is a great, funny and drama filled movie about love. At first it may seem like this movie is a little bizarre, but it keeps you engaged with all the twists and turns that end up taking place in this film.

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