22 October 2011

The God father

Art of media

October 22, 2011

The Godfather


The God father was an extensively long film, with hints of useless scenes that verified, were of a great importance to the film. It also does this in the “God father II”. It was divided into 3 parts so the length of the film is understandable (God father I, II, III).

The first film is well known for its clever dialect and legendary scenes. The editing of the Godfather was done carefully not to leave the audience wondering to much about what was going on in the Italian Gang family.

The theme song was in each of the Godfather’s and was played at the high points of conflict in the family or gang implosions. The music wasn’t aggressive all the time, it made sure we as the audience noticed the dialog when we needed to listen to the conversations. And at the same time, certain scenes were filled with loud music and sounds. So the listener understood this was very important and something impacting just happened. At times I knew what it was and at others I didn’t. But the music exposed importance in certain scenes.

The story was terribly long but for The God father. This made the gang world more real and tangible. You couldn’t escape it until you knew the ending of the trilogy. The camera work had a good balance of very good, close and personal shots. And panned back type of shots, the producers were not afraid of viewing the characters expressions it has a nice balance of all the shots we as the audience needed.

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