09 October 2011

Dog Day Afternoon

Dog Day Afternoon is a 1997 film that starts off with the two main characters Sonny, and Sal and their plan to rob a bank. One afternoon in Brooklyn these two bright individuals walked into a bank with guns drawn. Sal confronted an accountant and forced him to give him the money while Sonny was trying to find a way into the vault. Sonny finally opened the vault and found out that there was no money because it just had been picked up. While watching the first part of this film I thought they might have a chance to get away with this hiest. As I watched more of the movie I noticed that these two men had no idea what they were doing.

This movie changed from a serious thriller to almost a comedy for me. It was clear that Sonny and Sal were two men that wouldnt cause any harm and were just stuck in a bad situation. Soon enough the police had arrived in front of the bank and were commanding Sonny and Sal to come out. The only reason why the police couldnt use any physical force was because the men had about ten hostages trapped inside. The hostages were the only things keeping these men alive.

As time went on crowds of people began to form outside the front of the bank. There were also TV cameras and broadcasters. Sonny finally showed his face outside to nagotiate a deal with a police officer. While he was outside the crowds of people went wild screaming his name. Sonny had made a deal with the cop that if he gets a bus to drive him to the airport then he would let the hostages go. The police officer followed through with the deal and saved all the hostages while Sonny was arrested. Sal had been shot in the head because of the suspicion of him pulling his gun out.

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