26 September 2011

The Good the Bad and the Ugly is a story of the west during the civil war. The story follows Blondie (The Good) as his path interwines with Tuco (The Ugly) and Angel Eyes (The Bad). Right from the begining of the film you learn a little bit about each charcter. First with Tuco, you learn that he is an outlaw with a bounty on his head. He always looks out for himself before anyone else. Angel Eyes is a mercinary who kills for money. We first see him fufilling a kill order for 500$. Just before he commits the murder he accepts 1000$ to kill the man who last hired him. In the process of commiting these two murders he learns of a fourtune, $200,000 in gold that a man named Bill Carson knows about. Blondie is a professional gun slinger who we first see working with Tuco, turning him in for the bountie then letting him go.
Blondie breaks off the partnership that he has with Tuco. Tuco resolves to hunt Blondie down and kill him. He catches Blondie, takes him into the dessert, then while waiting for him to die of dehydration and heat stroke, sees a run away carridge coming towards them. Tuco leaves Blondie laying in the sun and stops the Caridge. In the Carridge is a pile of bodies and the barely alive Bill Carson. Bill tells Tuco and Blondie each half of the information they need to find the $200,000 in Gold that Eagle Eyes knows about. Tuco knows the name of the cemetary where the gold is burried, and Blondie knows the name on the grave. Now they have to protect each other if they ever want the tresure.
Tuco and Blondie impersinate the dead soldiers, get medical help at a confederate camp, and eventually get captured as prisoners of war. they are held in the camp where Angel Eyes is currently working. Angel Eyes learns that Tuco and Blondie know about the tresure he was looking for and it becomes a race to see who can get to the treasure first.
The bridge that Tuco and Blondie need to cross to get to the cemetary is currrently a battle field for control. the North and South both want the bridge for their own side. every day both sides slaughter eachother trying to win the bridge. Seeing the carnage, Blondie and Tuco work together and blow up the bridge with explosives, ending the battle.
They tell eachother the information they know about the gold, cross the river and get to the cemetary. Tuco finds the grave, Blondie points a gun at him and tells him to dig. Angel eyes shows up, points a gun at Blondie an tells them both to dig. Blondie reveales that this really isn't the grave where the gold is. if anyone wants the name they have to earn it.Blondie writes the name on a rock and puts it on the ground. the three men circle around it and there is a stand off. at the breaking point of the scene the guns go off and Angel Eyes falls. Blondie shot him. Meanwhile Tuco has no bulletes in his gun because Blondie emptied the chamber earlier.
The gold is in the unmarked grave next to the one that they dug up. they dig it up, and Blondie has Tuco get into a nuce next to the grave in a tree. Blondie takes 2 bags of gold, leving 2 for Tuco and rides away; only to turn around and shoot Tuco's rope one last time, setting him free with $100,000 of gold at his feet.
The Mis En Scene of this movie is all about the western. one thing that reaccured many times in the movie were flies. In many scenes, Tuco had to swat flies away. This made the scene feel more real. there aren't going to be flies in a hollywood set. In the hospital where Blondie got help after Tuco tried to kill him, there were flies buzzing around the dying and wounded. at least 3 times in the movie Tuco swated a fly of his cheek. all of this built into the realism of the movie as well as better portrayed the (Ugly) of Tuco.
in the final shootout scene there was incredible symbolics in the way the Mis en Scene was played out. the three men, the good, bad and ugly are standing in the middle of a giant cemetery this happens just after the horrific battle scene. seeing all of this mad me feel a great reverence for all of those lost in war.

after seeing this seen i was left thinking about how tragic the realities of money, greed and war are in this world.

it is a great movie i think the symbolism and Mis en Scene in it are great. give it a watch if you ever get the chance. after all it is a classic

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