26 September 2011

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon is a wonderful movie that is based in ancient China. It is about two of the best warriors of the time and a young aristocrat women. Their journey begins on the search of a sword called the Green Dynasty (the best sword ever made) and a mysterious thief that goes by the name of the Jade Fox. As hidden pasts are revealed and romances are built, so is a surprising ending.

Within this movie are many scenes that the characters use whatever they can in the scene to fight one another. In the beginning of this movie you see who they think is Jade Fox try to escape after stealing the Green Dynasty sword, when she runs into one of the best warriors of the time named Yu Shu Lien. They fight using whatever is around them. At one point of the fight, you see Jade Fox taking the tiles off of the roofs and using them as hira-shuriken (Japanese throwing stars that usually ninja's use as a weapon) to knock down her opponents. Another really good use of the things around the characters was shown later on in the film when Jen Yu (the aristocrat) steals the Green Dynasty sword and runs away from her impending marriage her parents set up. She ends up going to a restaurant and makes new enemies. Her new enemies wanted to fight her and ended up with more than they expected. They got their buts beat and the entire restaurant was trashed. Everything from Tables, chairs, banisters, walls, and floors were all broken from the fight. Every bit of the restaurant was used in this scene, making it even more interesting as to how much of the set was used.

There is one more scene that I would also like to note as to their use of the things around them. Toward the end of the movie Jen Yu and Yu Shu Lien ends up fighting each other. The fight is in a big open area with walls all around them connected to a house. Along the walls were all different kinds of weapons; everything from different kinds of swords, to spears, and clubs. Yu Shu Lien uses about five different kinds of weapons when she fights Jen Yu with the Green Dynasty sword.

The use of the things around them as they were fighting was amazing. Tiles, tables, chairs, settings, swords, spears, clubs, and anything that they used especially in the fighting scenes were all utilized to make the story even more interesting. Even the way they used the things around them added to the story more than you would normally expect.

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