11 November 2008

Son of Man (2006)

I'm very excited that we're going to be screening the South African film Son of Man here at Eastern in December--as far as I know, we'll be the first college in the country to do so, and one of very few exhibitors of any kind to screen the feature.

In the words of the film's website, "In the state of Judea in southern Africa, violence, poverty and sectarianism are endemic. The neighbouring Alliance has invaded to restore ‘peace’ at gunpoint. Bloody street battles accompany the neighbouring dictatorship’s incursion into its weaker satellite. Promises of a transition to open democratic rule accompany summary executions and brutal massacres. As the civil war reaches a new level, a divine child is born to a lowly couple. As he grows and witnesses the inhumanity of the world he lives in, his angelic guardians offer him an escape to the heavens. He refuses. This is his world and he must try to save it from the work of evil men and from the darkness working through them. As an adult, he travels to the capital, gathering followers from the armed factions of rebels that crisscross the land. He demands that his followers give up their guns and confront their corrupt rulers with a vision of non-violent protest and solidarity. Inevitably, he attracts the attention of the Judean tribal leaders who have struck a power-sharing deal with the aloof Governor Pilate. The Son of Man must be brought down and destroyed. It should be another simple ‘disappearance’ like any other…"

I've been hearing about this movie for almost two years now, and it sounds like it's going to be amazing. Maybe I'm hyping it too much, considering I haven't seen any more than the trailer, but I wanted to pass the word along and to encourage especially my Eastern friends to make room in their schedules for this film.

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