06 November 2009

Film Noir--Some Lists

As we head into a film noir unit next week in my film class, I just wanted to post a list of lists--various people's run-downs of some of the greatest film noir in cinema history. For some blog readers, this might simply supply an entertaining weekend rental, but for my class, these lists supply your options for your 4th, outside of class, film noir. What's that, you say? Basically, we'll watch three examples of film noir in class--The Maltese Falcon, A Touch of Evil, and Chinatown. You, then, will choose one additional example of the genre to watch on your own, outside of class. That way, the class will have a total of 25+ examples to draw from when we discuss noir two Wednesdays from now (Nov. 18).

First, what is film noir?
And now, the lists...
And--again, specifically for my film class--a list of film noir titles I own and that you can borrow, if you promise to treat them nicely:

(Image culled from http://www.pictureshowman.com/articles_genhist_filmnoir.cfm.)

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